Nick Hutchison
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Nick was educated at Marlborough College and Worcester College, Oxford, where he gained an MA (Oxon) in English and was President of OUDS.

As well as working as an actor and director, he is a freelance lecturer and teacher for among others the Globe Theatre Education Department, RADA, LAMDA, University College London, The Royal Conservatoire of Scotland, The Lir in Dublin, Mountview, The British American Drama Academy, The American Institute for Foreign Studies, Rhodes College, Memphis, Ole Miss University, and the Foundation for International Education. He is Course Director of the RCS's MA Residency at the Globe, Course Director for Case Western Reserve University's Residency at RADA, and Co-director of RADA's Shakespeare Summer School. He is an Academy Associate Teacher at RADA.

His work for the Globe concentrates on Elizabethan staging, the specifics of the Globe Stage, the implication of a visible audience, and detailed verse work. He has been commissioned by them to create two substantial lecture/workshops, Page To Stage and Platte to Print, on Elizabethan /Jacobean theatre practice, and on the printing of plays and its theatrical significance. He devised an interactive workshop with Patrick Spottiswoode, Director of Globe Education, called Playing A Round, a study of the specific challenges posed by the Globe, which they have taken to colleges in this country and in Germany.

Nick has directed undergraduates from the USA, Canada, New Zealand and Europe in scenes from Shakespeare at the Globe, and worked on dramatic monologues from all periods.

Nick presented a course, Making Play, at the University of Cambridge Summer School, a one-week residential course for graduate students. He is Course Director for RADA's European History course for Case Western Reserve University, he co-directs RADA's Shakespeare Summer Programme, and their Young People's Summer School, for Shakespeare and Contemporary Text.

At BADA Nick was Founder and Dean of the Midsummer in London Programme; he has given courses on Shakespeare, High Comedy, (working actively on playwrights from Wycherley and Goldsmith, through to Wilde, Coward and Stoppard), and has also given tutorials for BADA students, working with them on their audition pieces, monologues and scene work.

He has given talks on acting, and taken masterclasses at RADA, LAMDA, The Lir, Central School, Mountview, Italia Conti and E15 Drama School, who commissioned him to deliver a lecture on the job of acting in the late 20th century.

Nick lectures regularly for the British Studies at Oxford Programme, and tours the USA to give lectures and workshops in universities across the country. He was commissioned by the American Institute of Foreign Studies in London to present a lecture on the state of London Theatre in the late 20th century, and lectures regularly at several Oxford Summer schools.

Lectures and Workshops

(All can be adapted to suit any specific schedule)

•   Page to Stage: a practical and interactive examination into the methods used by Elizabethan players to produce and perform plays in a theatrical environment wholly different from today's. The lecture/workshop examines how the texts inform performance, and how Shakespeare directs both actor and audience through the way he writes. Commissioned by Globe Theatre Education.

•   Platte to Print: a practical and interactive examination into Elizabethan and Jacobean play printing, and why it matters theatrically, rather than purely academically. Commissioned by Globe Theatre Education.

•   Playing A Round: A practical workshop on the specifics of playing the Globe Stage, and the implications of a visible audience. Devised with Patrick Spottiswoode, Director, Globe Education.

•   The Job of Acting: Being a professional actor in the late 20th Century (and beyond). Commissioned by E15 Drama School.

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